Box 7 Twifo Hemang

Social Development Directorate

The Social Welfare and Community Development Department assist the Assembly to formulate and implement social welfare and community development policies within the framework of national policy. The department is tasked to:

  • Facilitate community-based rehabilitation of persons with disabilities;
  • Assist and facilitate provision of community care services including;
  • Registration of persons with disabilities;
  • Assistance to the aged;
  • Personal social welfare services;
  • Hospital welfare services;
  • Assistance to street children, child survival and development; and
  • Socio-economic and emotional stability in families;
  • Assist to maintain specialized residential services in the districts;
  • Facilitate the registration and supervision of Non-Governmental Organizations and their activities in the district;
  • Assist to organize community development programs to improve and enrich life through;
  • Literacy and adult education classes;
  • Voluntary contribution and communal labour for the provision of facilities and services such as water, schools, library, community centers and public places or convenience or;

Teaching deprived or rural women in home management and child care.

Director of Social Development