Box 7 Twifo Hemang

Education Youth & Sports

This Department of the Assembly is responsible for pre-school, special school, basic education, youth and sports, development and library services of the district. The department also harmonizes the activities and functions of the Ghana Education Service, youth council, sports council and library board. The department is mandated to:

  1. Assist in the formulation and implementation of policies on education in the district with in the frame work of national policies and guidelines.
  2. Encourage, report on implementation of policies and matters relating to basic education in accordance with reporting format provided by the minister
  3. Advice the assembly on mattes relating to pre-school, primary, junior high schools in the district
  4. Facilitate he supervision of pre-schools, primary and junior high schools in the district
  5. Advice on the formation of school management committees
  6. Advise no the approval of the opening of private pre-schools, primary and Junior High Schools
  7. Advise on the granting and maintenance of scholarships to suitably qualified pupils or persons to attend any school or other educational institution in Ghana or elsewhere
  8. Advice the Assembly on the appointment, posting, discipline, transfer of officers and welfare of the youth in he district

District education Director